About Us

Our Mission

Civitas Development Group is a private, for-profit real estate focused enterprise that helps equip cities and municipalities with strategies that maximize public sector tools in projects that matter to the community. Through our work, we foster intentional and collaborative real estate investments and services to scale.

Our Vision

By helping community leaders repurpose land resources in a way that expands access to economic opportunity for everyone, we are a sought-after national provider of comprehensive housing and commercial revitalization solutions.

Our Values


We are accountable to our community and resident stakeholders. We deliver financial return to our investors and partners, as well as our promise of quality redevelopment.


We are collaborative and inclusive of all stakeholders from beginning to end.


Our business purpose is real estate development within a broader social context, which inspires us to connect people in the places we work to job training scholarships in the technology sector as a path to prosperity.


Our strategies and operations are scalable and allow for further growth for the communities we serve.


Land is a precious community asset. We help cities unlock its value and leverage public investment to achieve desired community outcomes. Rather than focusing on public incentives, we first assess how to expand impact from places where the municipality has already made investment.


Land Banks

Land banks exist to responsibly reposition distressed real estate in support of vibrant neighborhoods. Civitas Development Group provides strategy and project delivery to these important public landowners.

Housing Solutions

Housing inventory is at a 30-year low nationally. Civitas Development Group created a bold solution in Cincinnati to build new moderately priced homes on scattered sites that were vacant properties leftover from the Great Recession.

Shared Equity Homeownership

What is a shared equity homeownership model? Find out how the Central Ohio Community Land Trust engaged Civitas Development in an inclusive initiative.

Central Ohio’s model for inclusive homeownership

Civitas Development Partner Insights

Darin on Roebling Bridge @ All Star Game

Darin C. Hall

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Darin Hall founded Civitas Development Group in 2018 with a development philosophy based on a core set of values promoting innovative collaborative funding models and transformative real estate development projects at scale. Civitas Development is a private, for-profit real estate development, investment, and consultancy. Hall and his partners work collaboratively with business, institutional, economic development, nonprofit, elected, and residential stakeholders to develop high-impact projects that positively affect communities. A seasoned executive professional with years of business lending, investment banking and economic development experience, Hall is extremely well-versed in all aspects of real estate development and champions initiatives that support mixed-use, mixed-income development that strengthens communities and expand opportunities.